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While California’s temperature is usually lovely, the fact that it can get unbearably hot on occasion necessitates the use of a reliable AC system as homeowners deserve a cool and comfortable sanctuary. However, if you notice your air conditioner is taking too long to cool, makes too much noise, or smells bad, then you’ll probably need a repair.  When this happens, you’ll need to hire a reliable air conditioning company, like Eco-Pro to get your system back up and running as soon as possible. Don’t suffer during the hot days - make sure you get efficient AC repairs performed by a reputable company. 

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Don’t Worry About a Malfunctioning AC

When your air conditioner starts to break down, it will often exhibit clear signs that a professional repair is needed. In fact, knowing when to call for repair can help you avoid more major issues or damage down the line that could be caused by letting problems worsen.  So, if you notice any of the following things happening to your AC, it's time to call in the professionals. 

Signs Your AC Needs Service:

  • The unit isn’t turning on
  • The air comes out warm or it’s taking too long to cool
  • The fans don’t run
  • The unit is making weird noises
  • The compressor isn’t working
  • Water is pooling around the AC
  • The airflow has decreased
  • The thermostat isn’t working 
  • The system is producing musty or burning odors 
  • The humidity in your home has increased
  • Temperatures and level of cooling vary room-to-room
  • The temperature in your home do not match the thermostat setting

To avoid costly, complicated issues with your air conditioning unit, it’s essential to act fast. The trained Pittsburg air conditioner repair technicians at Eco Pro have years of experience dealing with any air conditioning problem. Our certified professionals will be able to inspect your AC system to determine the source of the problem and necessary repair to restore it to good working order. 

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

While it is common for air conditioners to make some noise when running, loud or excessive sounds may indicate that your system is need of a repair. Most of the time, these noises can signal that there is a problem within your air conditioner that is disrupting it’s performance.  So, if you begin to hear unfamiliar noises from your AC unit, it’s best to contact a trained professional to take a look at the system right away.

Common AC Noises to Be Aware of:

  • Hissing – This noise is often caused by a refrigerant leak
  • Buzzing – This sound is typically the result of an electrical problem. It could also be the result of dirty coils and debris within the system
  • Grinding – This noise can be caused by a faulty compressor or worn bearings
  • Squealing – This sound can indicate that there is too much pressure within the system
  • Rattling or Banging– This noise often points to loose components within the system, such as fan blades that have loosened and are hitting against the unit or loose parts within the compressor
  • Clanking – This sound could mean that the fan blades are no longer balanced
  • Screeching – This sound often indicates that a component needs to be replaced within the system or that the fan motor is damaged. 
  • Whistling – This noise can be caused by damaged air ducts that are causing air leaks or clogged air filters that are obstructing airflow. Check your vents as well to ensure they are not blocked

So if you’ve noticed any of the above sounds be sure to contact an experienced professional who can inspect the unit to find the underlying cause of the noise. If the initial source of the problem is not addressed, it will often lead to further wear-and-tear on the air conditioner, leading to more costly repairs down the road. 

The Benefits of Choosing Eco-Pro for Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs

The last thing on your mind should be whether or not the air conditioning system will work properly. So, if the air conditioner in your home or business needs to be serviced, you can rely on our qualified and certified technicians to thoroughly test it, diagnose the issue, and offer cost-effective solutions. Our AC repair technicians in Pittsburg can tune-up, de-ice, and conduct general repairs on your air conditioner. We’re confident that we’ll complete your air conditioner repair job efficiently and successfully. 

To get started, just contact Eco Pro today at (925) 272-0094 to schedule your appointment for air conditioning repair in Pittsburg, Pleasanton, Concord, Walnut Creek, and beyond! We are always here to help.

  • “Ulises was professional and quickly assess the problem with our HVAC. He replaced a part that caused our system to stop working. We had a working system within 30 minutes of his arrival.”

    Dina H.
  • “Technician Ulises Cisneros and Daniel did a very good job on our Central AC. They’re on time and very polite and professional. Ulises explained every possible cause why our ac is not blowing cool air on the vents.”

    Roehl D.
  • “Manuel Amaya replaced a closed damper in a duct that was very difficult to access. After several HVAC technicians refused to even attempt the job, it was a breath of fresh air to meet Manuel.”

    Beverly H.
  • “I commend the company and the technician for a job very well done.

    Manuel Estela
  • “Amazing customer service! Highly recommend.”

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